What are “actions”?

Hooptap’s Gamification Engine is based on the action-reward principle. Hooptap’s Engine is able to receive and manage every action done by the users in an individualized way, calculate in real time if that action has been established as rewarding by the engine manager thanks to a simple and intuitive Dashboard and finally deliver the established reward to the user.

For ‘action’ we understand any event that can be measured, digitally treated and sent to Hooptap’s Gamification Engine.

What are “rewards”?

Rewards are incentives that users can get for carrying out actions.

What type of rewards can I create?

There are three types: points, badges and prizes:

  • Points are the base of a virtual economy. Besides being a reward for the users to accumulate, they can be redeemed for prizes and are useful for leaderboard generating.
  • Badges are social recognition elements to reward specific achievements of a user, and can be delivered after identifying that a specific combination of actions has been carried out.
  • Prizes are virtual goods in the form of a coupon that users can receive as the culmination of a series of actions with a special value or redeeming their points.

What is the purpose of the rules?

Rules enable the articulation of the relationship between actions and rewards. They are the instructions with which we ask the gamification engine to verify the users’ activity to give a reward.

What are “missions”?

A mission is a group of actions the users must do in order to receive a certain reward. Missions guide users step by step to get them, clearly identifying what is the next action for the user to carry out in his way to the reward.

What are “levels” and how are they achieved?

Levels are an indicator of the users’ progression. They can be delivered for accumulating points, beating missions or carrying out specific actions, and can be used to declare the status of a user, unblock exclusive content or prizes for them, etc.

What are “game mechanics”?

Hooptap has more than 50 game mechanics with which to transform any boring action in a game, or simply entertain your users or introduce advertisers. They are classified by Quiz&Trivia, Arcade, Mental skills and Social. You can check our whole mechanics portfolio in: http://www.hooptap.com/mechanics

What can I do in the dashboard?

With the dashboard you can control:

  • Game managing
  • Rule managing
  • Action managing
  • Reward managing
  • User managing
  • Notice senging
  • Marketplace managing
  • Prize managing
  • Statistics managing